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Terms of Business

Our firm provides its services with due care, drawing on legal and technical skills, expertise and experience relevant to the issues concerned.
Every lawyer, employee, associate, adviser, and consultant acting on behalf of our firm must act in accordance with their best knowledge while also taking into account the best interests of the client, the applicable laws and regulations, and the professional code of conduct. Our firm is an independent contractor and our fees are not contingent on the presentation of any specific conclusions or recommendations to the client.
Our firm takes full responsibility for the persons it employs in providing services to clients.

Fees for legal services

Our clients may choose between several alternative fee arrangements, with the exception of fees for legal representation, which are subject to separate arrangements:
A. Standard Hourly Billing Rate: At the time of accepting an engagement we will estimate the time needed to complete the task. Upon completion, we bill according to actual hours worked, up to the amount quoted at the time of engagement. This arrangement is used for clients who are not interested in concluding an open-ended agreement for the services of our firm. The applicable hourly rate is subject to change in accordance with our schedule of fees as adjusted from time to time.
B. Fixed Monthly Fee: This arrangement is based on similar principles, with a certain number of hours of work included in the monthly fee. The hourly rate implicit in such a monthly fee is always lower than the base rate for a given category of work (discount). In the event that the firm puts in more hours than included in the monthly fee agreed with the client, all such additional hours are billed at the base rate. If for three successive months the actual number of hours worked exceeds the number included in the monthly fee by ten or a multiple of ten, then at the request of the client we may offer the client a new monthly fee, which may in certain cases incorporate a larger discount.
Agreements are generally made for definite terms, in which case we guarantee that the monthly fee as well as the base hourly rate will remain unchanged throughout such a definite term even if the rates stated in the schedule of fees change.
C. Lump Sum: Used for some special engagements. The fee is agreed with the client on a case-by-case basis as a lump-sum amount for the entire assignment.
Note: In the case of services provided online, the client receives a quotation for the services in accordance with the principles set out in the Terms and Conditions.

Legal representation

In the case of representation in proceedings before courts, government agencies, or local authorities, we will charge additional fees based on rates to be agreed upon in the agreement with the client depending on the kind of proceedings and the complexity of the matter involved.

Liability insurance

Our primary aim is to ensure the security of our clients. Therefore, in addition to employing highly qualified staff, the partners of Kancelaria Adwokacka Dariusz Krupa S.K.A. on top of obligatory professional liability insurance required of legal advisers and advocates carry additional insurance that also covers the employees and associates of the firm.


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