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Our firm provides legal advice for both businesses and individuals.

We assist businesses in their day-to-day activities by providing advice, preparing legal opinions, drafting contracts, conducting negotiations, and providing legal assistance regarding the client’s internal organization.

Services for individuals include legal consultations, preparation of legal opinions, and preparing and reviewing draft agreements. 

Our firm represents clients in disputes, both at the pre-litigation stage as well as at the litigation and enforcement stages.

  • Pre-litigation
    • We conduct negotiations with the client’s counterparty/adversary with a view to reaching a settlement, and we draft a settlement agreement that is the most favourable for the client under the circumstances;
    • We prepare demands for payment and serve them on our clients’ debtors, and we monitor the payment of the amounts due;
    • We prepare legal opinions for our clients, in which we analyse the facts of the matter and the legal aspects of a particular matter to assess the chances of the client’s success in litigation.
  • Litigation – we represent our clients in all types of proceedings: temporary injunction proceedings, proceedings before district, regional, and appellate courts, both in Wrocław and elsewhere, and also proceedings before the Supreme Court:
    • We prepare complaints or, where a given action is not initiated by the client, we undertake its defence by preparing a reply to the complaint, an objection to a court order, or an appeal against a judgment handed down in absentia;
    • We represent the client at hearings throughout proceedings at a given court;
    • We prepare and file appeals or replies to appeals filed by the client’s opposing party;
    • We prepare special appeals to the Supreme Court and represent the Client in proceedings before that court.

Court proceedings are not limited to litigation; many clients need to attend to important matters at registry courts. We also advise clients on such matters or represent them in registration proceedings.

As part of our comprehensive range of services relating to the establishment of business undertakings as well as mergers and acquisitions, we represent clients in all related proceedings, including administrative proceedings before the President of the Competition and Consumers Protection Office (UOKiK), the European Commission, the Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data (GIODO), the Office for Rail Transport Regulation (UTK), the Energy Regulatory Office (URE), and other public administration agencies.

Our lawyers can work in English.


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