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The law firm of Kancelaria Adwokacka Dariusz Krupa S.K.A. (earlier as D. Bober & D. Krupa) has existed since 1997. The team is led by two experienced partners: Danuta Bober, a legal adviser, and Dariusz Krupa, an advocate. Underlying the market success of Kancelaria Adwokacka Dariusz Krupa S.K.A. are high-quality services, value-driven work, and a professional team. This page provides information about who we are, what we do, and how we treat our work.

Kancelaria Adwokacka Dariusz Krupa S.K.A. provides legal assistance for individuals and businesses, offering comprehensive legal services. Our aim is to support our clients in reaching their full potential. We provide day-to-day legal consultation, including consultation concerning contracts, participate in negotiations, and represent clients in court and administrative proceedings. Our legal services also cover criminal law issues relating to our clients’ business.

We offer our clients lucid commercial solutions, professional advice from planning a project through to its implementation, and a sense of security in the process of making optimal decisions.

Over the years we have provided advice in connection with numerous commercial projects both to international corporations and to big and medium-sized Polish undertakings.

Our principles and our professionalism promote long-term relationships with clients. The lasting relations confirm the strong position of our firm on the legal services market.

We are professionals who cherish integrity, respect, trust, and lasting relationships.

Integrity and Professionalism

These are the key values that guide us in our lives and in our relations with each and every client. They direct us to keep our promises, act in such a way as to meet our clients’ expectations, continuously expand our knowledge, and be open to change.
We are upfront about how we will proceed and about the risks and costs involved in the proposed course of action so the client can make fully-informed decisions.
We undertake to handle and advise on matters that fall within the areas of our expertise and experience. Where warranted, we advise clients of areas that require assistance from outside professionals.

Respect and Trust

We respect the individuality of our clients and staff. We make sure that our external and internal communications are clear. This helps us build relationships based on trust and mutual understanding, which is necessary to give the client confidence in the process of making decisions. We are not merely providers of legal advice for our clients; we are also their partners in discussions and in making informed decisions, offering them our experience and understanding of industry-specific issues as well as our full personal commitment. Trust promotes the development of valuable, long-term relations with clients, which we hold particularly dear.

Long-term Relationships

A long-term harmonious relationship allows the lawyer to become familiar with the specific characteristics of the client’s business and the legal and financial issues it involves as well as the directions in which the client wants to develop the business. As a result, we are in a position to correctly identify the client’s needs and expectations and choose the optimal business and legal solutions that will best serve the client’s objectives while ensuring transaction security.


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